"Leaders in Precision Sheet Metal Works Manufacturing"

  • Established in 1976, P.Beulich Sheet Metal Manufacturers, registered as a sole proprietor and subsequently registered as a (Pty) Ltd.

  • P.Beulich Sheet Metal Manufacturers is situated at 46 Lower Germiston Road, Heriotdale, Johannesburg, and occupies a total of 4500m² of property.
  • Using mild steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, 3CR12, stainless steel, copper and brass, P. Beulich Sheet Metal Manufacturers fabricate Electronic enclosures, Control boxes, Vending machines, Hospital equipment, Heatsinks, Busbars, Brackets, etc. Catering mainly for the Electronic, Security, Communication, Mining, Electrical and Allied industries.
  • An extensive range of standard electronic boxes, IP55 Floor standing enclosures, IP55 Control desks, IP65 enclosures and products like PC safes and a Modular post box system are manufactured and kept in stock.
  • Offering clients a one-stop-turn-key service, P. Beulich Sheet Metal Manufacturers specialise in all the advanced processes related to the competitive market of Sheet Metal Work Manufacturing, such as; Guillotining, laser cutting, cnc punching, bending, shearing, notching, spot welding, Co2 welding, grinding, powder coating, electroplating and assembly.
  • "Our Mission"
  • We are all about exceeding client expectations. In order to guarantee clients an unequalled standard of quality products, P.Beulich Sheet Metal Manufacturers has put the following resources in place:

    • A management team with production supervisors in support, to lead a skilled labour force.

    • A design team to assist clients in designing and/or improving a product and prototyping, until fully developed for issue to the factory for production.

    • The most technically advanced Amada laser cutting, CNC cutting/punching and bending machines for guaranteed accuracy when manufacturing a product.

    • A manufacturing software package that enables Management to monitor the progress of all work on the production floor.

    • A Powder coating plant and electro-passivating plating facility to complete precision made quality products wrapped and ready for delivery.

46 Lower Germiston Road | Heriotdale | Johannesburg | South Africa
National Tel. 086 163 2116 | National Fax. 086 506 2176 | International Tel. +27 11 626 3967 or +27 11 626 1033
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